Innovation Lab

The Signal Center's Innovation Lab brings clinicians, computer scientists, designers, and engineers together to devise next-generation sensing and analytic solutions to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. The Lab is dedicated to exploring digital healthcare solutions based in research and rigorous testing.

Areas of Focus

  • Custom application development
  • Specialized data management
  • Data analysis
  • Hardware design and evaluation

Related Areas Of Digital Healthcare Research

Improving Provider and Patient Communication

The Innovation Lab is interested in the use of mobile phone technology to improve the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. The Lab is engaged in a broad range of projects that apply SMS, MMS, and custom apps to improve data collection and timely communication between patients and healthcare providers when they are not in the clinic or hospital.

Wearable Health Technology

In order to provide an improved method of measuring patient movement both within and outside of healthcare settings, the Innovation Lab is working on several projects involving both custom and commercially available wearable sensor platforms. This sensor data helps to inform the understanding of the spread of infections acquired at the hospital, as well as to ultimately improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery in a hospital setting.

Healthcare Data Science

The Innovation Lab's interdisciplinary healthcare data science projects bring biostatisticians, computer scientists and healthcare professionals together to better understand patient risk factors for a wide range of diseases and to inform our understanding of patient outcomes based on a broad array of available data sources.

Disease Surveillance

The Innovation Lab is developing tools that collect, analyze, model, simulate and visualize data to better understand the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare settings. These tools may incorporate new technologies, or may fuse data streams from multiple existing sources in new ways. The Lab’s advanced data collection methods help to inform approaches to attenuate disease diffusion.